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Blue Volcano is an independent game studio founded in Sydney, Australia that has since expanded to collaborate with industry leaders in North America (Austin, Texas), Europe (Germany) and South America (Brazil).

Our games begin with a singular creative idea and then are fleshed out with excellent and immersive graphics, complementing unique gameplay experiences.

Roto Color Rhythm is a chillout music experience that lets you create your own trip through the galaxy in a meticulous orchestration of light and sound.

We are redefining the music game genre the with the emphasis on the meditative, hypnotic effect that music and color have on the self, as opposed to fast reflexes and pattern memorizing. With modes that let you play endlessly through all tracks to remixing tracks into your own unique soundtrack, players will experience a sense of synaesthesia as color and sound are linked in our minds on a subconscious level.

To further recreate the live music experience, Roto Color Rhythm can be played with any MIDI device or music peripheral, and connect into lighting systems that will add another layer of immersion through extra sensory feedback devices.


How are you going to protect yourself against zombie hordes when all of your guns, knives and bats have gone mysteriously missing? With the power of your rainbow slingshot and any item that comes to hand be it a tomato, pumpkin, or err… adorable kitten.


Blue Volcano Team

Brendan Votano

Founder / Creative Director

Blue Volcano is founded and owned by Brendan Votano. Since completing a double Bachelors degree in Animation and Japanese in 2013, Brendan has focused his efforts on creating innovative games that combine great gameplay with immersive and colourful visuals. Brendan is based in Sydney Australia though frequently lives in Austin Texas.

Roger Sodre

Technical Lead

Game Developer and VJ from São Paulo, Brazil. Specialised in games, audio-visual interactive installations and immersive experiences.

As a VJ, makes tools and visuals for music festivals, parties and large scale video mapping projections. With the United VJs, developed the first real time projection system for Fulldome and Planetariums specially designed for artists.

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