I have arrived back in Austin and it’s been great to catch up with old friends again. And Tacos. Definitely Torchy’s Tacos.

I’m currently looking for a new office space to work from (there are several creative spaces and tech co-working ┬áspaces to choose from) so should hopefully have something found in the next week or so. I’ve also been brainstorming with my housemates about booth designs and what we can do to make people attracted to our space at SXSW. Any idea’s you may have are always appreciated so send them in!

The great thing about Austin is the sense of community here and sheer amount of game related events put on. On Tuesday night, I went back to my old co-work space at the capital factory to see a talk from Rebekah and Adam Saltsman from Finji about the plights of Indie Developments. They provided several great tidbits of advice (get on all services such as itch.io, gog, and that streamers will be your best form of spreading the word these days) and set out some practices that I will be sure to follow as Roto Color Runners gets developed further.

What’s great about these events is meeting new people and the networking aspect. I put a call out for collaborators who could provide some new music to the game and met a few people who were eager to have a chat. A follow up meeting the next day at a coffee shop where game developers often work out of led to more connections and a few ideas and people to contact about further direction and help with the game. Once again it seems here that everyone knows everyone.


The old (well younger than I) gang


Mmmm… Torchys Tacos


Finji’s Rebekah Saltsman at The Capital Factory