I thought it was time to start posting about the continued development of Roto Color Runners (and other general things happening at Blue Volcano).
A brief history of time….

  • (2013) Blue Volcano is established.
  • (2013) Work starts on Cublocks
  • (2014 – Jan) Surprise Cakes – an augmented reality app released on iOS and Android
  • (2014 – Sept) Blue Volcano legally established as an Australian Company
  • (2014 – Oct) Ready, Aim, Splat! released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • (2014 – Nov) Begins work on Blind – A VR game where you play a blind person
  • (2014 – Mar) Creates Paper Clones – a rotoscoped score based 2 player game – for Hectic Game Jam
  • (2015 – May) Relocated to Austin Texas on a creative work holiday
  • (2015 – Jun) Stops working on Blind after several studios announce similar concepts
  • (2015 – Jul) Begins work Roto Color Rangers – on a multiplayer shooter based on the rotoscoped aesthetic from Paper Clones
  • (2015 – Sep) Returns to Australia and continues work on Roto Color Rangers
  • (2015 – Oct) Puts Roto Color Rangers on hold and begins Roto Color Runners

Roto Color Runners was a 3 week development cram for PAX Melbourne in 2015. I had been working on a different game based on the same rotoscoped aesthetic (which in turn was based on an earlier game jam game) but after a showing at an IGDA Sydney Beer and Pixels meeting, it was a broken mess in need of a lot of work. I didn’t want to show a demo/rough around the edges unplayable thing so decided to brainstorm for a new idea that was feasible within the 3 week time constraints. The one thing that would remain (and since we already had the assets) would be the rotoscoped look, and it would still be based around colour. Music has always been an integral part of my life, and I had some other game concept ideas based around music so decided to integrate facets of those into the new game. After several iterations and redesigns, Roto Color Runners was born. It was now only 2 weeks til PAX and a lot of work needed to be done…