Project Showcase

Some of our projects from a range of platforms including virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive installations.

James Cameron’s Challenging The Deep

Touch Screen Interactive built for the Australian National Maritime Museum showcasing Cameron’s achievements in ocean exploration, film, and pushing man to the extremes of the earth.

Krait VR

Custom built museum interface solution for the Australian National Maritime Museum, The 360° VR experience included a tour of a Japanese trawler, The Krait, which was instrumental in Australian WWII efforts.

McDonalds VR Story

The McDonalds VR Story is a virtual reality experience showing the faces behind the farms of the fast food giant.

McDonalds VR Experience

NFL AR Proof of Concept

In conjunction with Arival, we were tasked with finding an a way to gamify sport data in a fun and new way. NFL was chosen as it presents a huge amount of stats as well as enough breaks in play to allow users to enjoy the app without missing any of the live on screen action.

Surprise Cakes

Bring your cakes to life with through the magic of augmented reality